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+-My name is Felicia Osborn and I am the owner/operator of the 2FeatherSage. 


2FeatherSage provides services that are specifically attuned to balance, remove , and realign any stagnant toxic energies lingering from your home ,business, or personal (aura field) environment to bring the space or persons back into a harmonious state of balance.


 - I offer energetic house clearings/cleansings 

 - Business energy clearings/cleansings

 - Cleansing/clearing/realigning of your personal energy field and chakras to get you back into balance.



 - What are some reasons to have your home, business, or personal energy field spiritually cleared?

   1) Moving into a new home because the home carries the residual energetic imprint of pervious occupants. 

   2) Arguments, stress, divorce, death, illness

   3) To help sell a house

   4) Paranormal 

   5) Excess build-up of harmful positive ions from electronics, mold, bacteria, viruses, pet dander etc. 

      6) When you feel personally  sluggish, non-motivated or sick, then a personal energy/chakra clearing and realignment is recommended.  

I use different methods to do energy clearings/cleansings from your home/business/person and it varies on each situation on exactly what methods I will use. It varies from each home, business or person on what I feel personally guided to do to get the space/person back into a harmonious flow and balance. 


For example: If you are sensitive to (sage) smoke then I will use another method such as sage smudging spray as an alternative. I burn different sacred herbs and resins to create an abundance of negative ions to neutralize the air. I use sound healing such as tuning forks and singing bowls to harmonize the environment and your personal energy field that surrounds you.


By removing stagnant harmful energies, it creates a mental state of well being, clarity and balance.




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